Dub Synthesizer


Dubtron2 is the successor to the original Dubtron bass synth, taking it's modulation-based concept into new territory, exploring quirky analogue basses, modern rhythmic soundscapes, chilly dub techno and experimental ambient textures. Dubtron2 uses beat-driven modulation and sub-rhythms along with randomization to bring about interesting rhythmic sounds and atmospheres. This along with it's serial filter system, a feedback-looping dub delay and a "Phonec-style" Melt feature makes Dubtron2 a extremely versatile instrument with a unique approach to sonic exploration.















con-struct n : Something formed or constructed from parts.


Construct is a drum machine with a sound design workflow based on layering, using both drum synthesis as well as sampled sounds to create the various elements that build a drum. Featuring dynamic effects, dub delay, multiple lfos and velocity options, Construct is a compact drum machine that offers a wide range of possibilities.






















Featuring drifting oscillators, VHS Melt, Arpeggiator/Sequencer combo, unusual LFO & HFO functions, Echoshifter Delay, and lots of character!






























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Dubtron2 has been released!

The successor to the original Dubtron bass synth has been released with many new features and capabilities.

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Phonec Updated to v1.4


  • Overall sound improvments
  • New Pulse Width oscillator mode
  • Oscillator Phase Retriggering
  • Improved Sub Oscillator
  • Added inversion switches to mod envelopes
  • New modulation targets


Read more about Phonec and try the latest version here.



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CONSTRUCT v1.0 Released!


Construct, a new drum machine from Psychic Modulation, has been released.


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ORGANICS - New Patchbank for Phonec


A new bank of 128 patches for Phonec is now available, consisting of pianos, brass, reeds, strings, and other organic, melodic sounds. Here's a track I made using only sounds from this patchbank.


Download the free patchbank here:





Phonec Update v1.3 Released


  • GUI update: aesthetic improvements as well as various fixes
  • Improved sliders, now easier to control
  • Fixed sequencer random mode not working
  • Fixed volume changes when switching Melt modes
  • Fixed problem with panning envelope
  • Fixed various legato/portamento related arp issues
  • Noise level can now go higher
  • HFO velocity was inverted, now fixed
  • Added two new switches to seq; for adding an octave to pitch seq, and inverting filter/amp seq
  • Changed LFO3 target list, 'Melt' and 'Echo Tune' were not compatible with a polyohonic LFO, caused cpu spikes; added 'Sub Pitch'
  • Improved presets
  • Includes a seperate 'effect' version so Cubase users can utilize audio input routing
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