Synth Waves for Ableton


Synth Waves is a growing collection of Ableton Live Instruments and Sound Packs. New instruments will be released regularly, each containing numerous sounds that can be navigated using macro controls. This collection will focus on vintage synth vibes, tape saturation, VHS manipulation and various sampling methods of unique sound sources, all wrapped in various types of instruments that make sound layering a simple and inspiring process.


There are free 'light' versions of each instrument with a limited number of sounds that can be downloaded below to try out.


Dusty Circuits

Based on the sounds of Phonec with a good dose of tape saturation, Dusty Circuits contains a whole bunch of gritty, lo-fi sounds that can be layered via two 'wave oscillators'. The synth uses eight Macro knobs for quick access to key parameters such as wave selection, envelope and filter along with a multi-effects section. The demo version is a fully functional instrument but contains only 20 different synth tones. The full version contains 73.


Download Dusty Circuits Demo




Lightwave was designed primarily for arpeggiated synthlines with a touch of randomization. Great for spontaneous melodies with steady variation. Lightwave uses two wave oscillators created from a variety of sound sources including the Yamaha DX9. Each wave oscillator contains several samples that can be navigated using macro controls. Wave2 acts as a sub oscillator, being one octave lower than Wave1. A multiFX section includes chorus, delay and reverb. The demo version is a fully functional instrument but contains only 5 different waveforms for each oscillator. The full version contains 21 waveforms for each oscillator.


Download Lightwave Demo



Synth Waves

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