Synth Bass for Phonec, a collection of 128 high quality bass patches

Synth Bass is a patchbank of 128 newly designed bass patches for Phonec 2. Covering a wide sonic range, these patches are suitable for various genres ranging from Synthwave to Dub Techno. Each patch has been meticulously crafted, paying careful attention to detail and making the most out of Phonec's features in order to get a completely unique sound. The LFOs, Modulation envelopes and aftertouch settings are all ready to switch on for instant, well thought out effects. Most notable of these patches, is the modwheel settings. The Modwheel is linked to the aftertouch targets, so simply moving the modwheel makes for a very creative and expressive performance tool, giving you the ability to completely transform the sound of each patch.

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Sound Types

Synth Bass is divided into 6 sections based on type. The sound types are ultimately classified by the envelope settings. Ranging from short sounds that make use of the Attack and Decay, to longer sustained sounds for leads and drones.


Short bass sounds, typically with a sharp attack and fast decay. Great for Synthwave/Outrun and fast 16th basslines.


These are for sustained notes. Sub basses, leads, etc.


All of these sounds have very long release times. So you can just tap a note and get a huge trailing sound. Great for occasional stabs and washouts.

Space Dub

These are geared towards ambient dub and techno. Most of these are taking advantage of the Echoshifter in some way.


These are the more experimental sounds. Just hold a key and hear it evolve.


The basic fundamentals. Great starting points for patch building. Just choose the type of bass sound your looking for and start building onto it.

Filter Tracking

Although this bank is called Synth Bass, it can be used for a wide range of sounds, including leads, drones, and various classic synth sounds. The filter tracking has been carefully considered so that the high end of the keyboard range sounds just as good as the low end. This makes it possible to easily turn a bass into a lead. A good tip when playing high end keys is to make use of the Highpass filter to tame some of the low end if needed. I sould also mention the modwheel here as well, which is assigned to multiple parameters and can alter the sound dramatically. More info about this below.

Modwheel Expression

Each Synth Bass patch takes full advantage of Phonec's "Modwheel to Aftertouch" feature. This feature can be a very creative and expressive tool, even if you don't have Aftertouch capabilities on your keyboard. I'll explain below.

Under the Modulation section is the Aftertouch panel, which contains several controls for assigning parameter levels to be modulated via aftertouch. However, if you take a look at the Master section (right below the Amp Envelope), there are options for the Pitchbender and Modwheel. If Modwheel is set to Aftertouch, which it is set to by default in this patch bank, it will take up the modulation of all of the parameter levels set in the Aftertouch panel. So essentially you can control several key paramters at once, in varying degrees.

My personal favorite combination is Tune/PW/Cutoff. Tune will modulate the tuning of Oscillator 2, so if the Tune mod level is set low, turning the Modwheel up will slightly detune the two oscillators. This along with a small adjustment in the Pulse Width and a slight opening in the filter can create a really cool effect just by subtly turning up the modwheel.

So be sure to take advantage of this feature, each patch has been thoughtfully assigned for ultimate expressiveness.

Full Patch List

Synth Bass 7 Lego Scarecrow Oscar Deep Freezer Detuned Saws
Prowler Mutant Tumbleweed Wublr Basement Square Bass
Subterranean Blue Knife Whisps Streetcleaner Atomic Soft Bass
Entity 1 Gamma Warp Square Robot Bite Skelter Pulse Mod
Entity 2 Nocturnal Mineral Deep Space Gateway Sub Bass
Falcon Decimate Supersuds Bell Hop Long & Rez'd Out Gritty Sub
Magenta Vitamin Z Detuned FM Pterodactyl Creeper 1 FM Bass
Sympl Joint Shadow Dweller Flamingo Creeper 2 Big Square Sub
EchoBass Distomatic Deep Decay Vampyre Creeper 3 Harmonic Bass
And Bass Zync Dark Lines Hallucination Tone 18Wheeler Porta Bass
Helium Stryfe Supplement Curiosity Signal Crawlers
Oxygen Muffaletta Nevermore Cosmic Buffalo Swamp Synth
Nitrogen Stonehenge Pulsar 1B Pulse Code Inter States
Pulsar 1 Flannel Pulsar 2B Xorgon Reduction Method
Pulsar 2 Lazer Bazz Pulsar 3B Oragami Black Light
Pulsar 3 Helium 2 Disruptor Machete Eyeball Monster
Rotator Oxygen 2 Relapse Luminary Laughing Doctrine
Substantial Nitrogen 2 Grunge Dusty Vibes Foggy Crystal
Plutonium Evolver Tone 1 Slasher Strange Creature Rudimentary
Gravel Evolver Tone 2 Wiggle Room Stabilizer
Lysergic Evolver Tone 3 Wubblyscut Analytic Mystic
Bomber Partial FM 1
Resonox Partial FM 2
Partial FM 3
Subway Station

Synth Bass

for Phonec

Soundbank for Phonec2


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