Dubtron is an experimental Bass Synthesizer designed for creating dubstep basslines, grinding leads and abnormal synth effects. Dubtron's two oscillator sections utilize a special Unison detune feature where each voice has it's own width control as well as drifting for a slow phasing effect. The filter's each have a 'Wub' generator, which is the main feature responsible for that wobble effect. Layer in a sub oscillator and you've got a serious bass machine. These features along with various randomizers and FM capabilities give an experimental edge to your basslines, allowing for Dubtron to be used not only for bass, but also for unexpected, even atmospheric sounds.

      • 2 Unison Pulse Oscillators with multiple wave shapes
      • 1 Sub Oscillator with FM capabilities
      • 2 Filters with Graphical Envelopes
      • Wub section for each filter, produces the classic dubstep wobble
      • Randomizer for wub rate, filter cutoff and Sub FM
      • FX section ranging from flanger to bathtub style delay
      • Wub speed is set to key range and can be reversed
      • Wub can be retriggered by each bar to ensure beat matching

To see Dubtron in action, check out the video below:

Video produced by Fernando Hood Abreu 2011, Ireland


Dubtron is available as a VST plugin for windows for $29.

Click here to purchase the full version with Paypal.

A demo version is available with the limitation of occasion sound dropouts. You can download the demo here.